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Trades Supervisor

Thank You For Your Service

While discussing the significance of safeguarding our agency, Trades Supervisor Vukovic emphasized his motto, “patience is the key.” We thank you for your leadership and dedicated service.

Trades Supervisor Vukovic has served six years with the GCSO, and is the current licensed Low Voltage technician. His role is crucial in maintaining proper functionality and safety.

Trades Supervisor Vukovic oversees maintenance operations within the GCSO which include electrical and plumbing systems, construction projects, renovations, equipment installation, hazard inspections, and facility treatment.

He is National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified in Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems Level I, Fire Alarm Systems Level II, and Video Surveillance Security Systems.

Additionally, he has played a significant role in the implementation of Internet Protocol (IP) cameras to enhance surveillance and security measures within the GCSO and Court Operations.

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