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Sheriff Processing Associate II

Thank You For Your Service

SPA II McDuffie, we commend you for fostering an environment of true teamwork and commitment of service to Gwinnett County.

In May, SPA II McDuffie demonstrated initiative and problem-solving skills when she assisted a Lieutenant on duty. When a family was seeking the release of their loved one from the jail, SPA II McDuffie contacted the associated county where the family had issued payment for the release process. She discovered that the records had not been updated and worked diligently to resolve the issue. Her proactive approach and determination to find a solution reinforced the Lieutenant's belief in the team's ability to deliver excellent service.

SPA II McDuffie has consistently demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond her job requirements in the five years she’s worked at the GCSO. She plans to attend the Developing the Leader Within training and reminds others to, “Be the best that you can be. Whether you do it or not, time will still pass. Sometimes, we think too much about the journey and not the destination. Don’t let fear stop you from accomplishing your goals.”

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