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Deputy Sheriff II Senior

Thank You For Your Service

We are truly fortunate to have Deputy Goodley representing not only the GCSO but also the entire Gwinnett County community.

Deputy Goodley is assigned to Pre-Admissions within the Jail Operations Division, where he serves as the first line of defense against contraband entering the facility. His exceptional ability to conduct thorough searches has resulted in the discovery of suspected drugs, demonstrating his keen attention-to-detail and dedication to maintaining a safe environment.

In addition to his duties, Deputy Goodley has actively participated in various roles within the department. He has conducted ride-alongs with Family Violence, Transport, and has provided assistance in serving warrants. Furthermore, he has played a crucial role in coordinating plans for extractions and relocations within the jail.

Deputy Goodley is highly regarded by his supervisors as a selfless leader who consistently steps up to assist his fellow deputies. His strength and persistence have enabled him to effectively carry out his duties. His exceptional performance in every task assigned to him, coupled with his professionalism and integrity, make him an outstanding asset in any setting.

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