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Sheriff Processing Associate II

Thank You For Your Service

SPA II Stanescu will be attending the Developing the Leader Within training this summer. This opportunity for self-development and career growth reflects her dedication to her role at the GCSO.

SPA II Stanescu has been an invaluable member of the GCSO since 2007. For the past 11 years, she has been an integral part of the Inactive Records Unit, ensuring the efficient and secure management of inmate records in compliance with legal requirements and facilitating access to necessary information.

One of SPA II Stanescu's responsibilities include the accountability of processed mail. In 2022, she made a significant discovery during the screening of outside U.S. mail. She detected an envelope emitting a strong chemical odor.

Without delay, SPA II Stanescu promptly handed over the envelope to the Internal Security Unit (ISU) for further investigation. To ensure a thorough examination, the envelope was photographed and preserved as evidence for testing at the GBI crime lab. The contents of the envelope were identified as drugs or narcotics and were appropriately labeled as an inhalation hazard.

The possession, delivery, or introduction of drugs, weapons, alcohol, or other prohibited items into correctional facilities is a felony offense. The GCSO commends SPA II Stanescu for her diligence and attentiveness in this case, as well as her daily commitment to her duties.

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