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Customer Service Associate II

Thank You For Your Service

CSA II Thomas strives to, “better serve the Gwinnett County community with experience gained from the Sheriff’s Office.” Thank you for being courageous, selfless, and devoted to the citizens of Gwinnett County.

CSA II Thomas has been assigned to the Records Management Unit since 2022, responsible for administering reports and open records requests.

On May 1st, while traveling home from work, CSA II Thomas assisted with a motor vehicle accident after witnessing a citizen steer off the road and hit a guardrail. She immediately pulled over to check on the driver. The driver was able to exit the vehicle, although seemingly distraught. CSA II Thomas instantly acted by contacting 911 and waited until the Gwinnett County Police Department, Gwinnett County Fire Department, as well as the driver's family arrived on-scene.

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