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Master Deputy Sheriff

Years of Service

Thank you for 11 years of distinguishable selflessness and illustrious leadership. You are greatly appreciated for all that you contribute to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Jackson is a General POST Instructor and Field Training Officer, with 25 years of law enforcement experience. He established his career as a New York Corrections Officer before relocating to Georgia. Deputy Jackson is currently assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Classifications Unit.

He has generated quality results in his primary duties, to include conducting disciplinary hearings, classifying housing units, and assigning details to housed residents. Additionally, Deputy Jackson assists with shift obligations in the Jail Operations Division.

Deputy Jackson has served as a Seeking the Right Amendable Path (STRAP) mentor for troubled teens in Gwinnett County and coordinated internal tours for teens to receive insight from housed residents.

When asked, Deputy Jackson defined a leader as an individual who is “consistent, fair, and firm while being a team player.” Deputy Jackson plans to further his training credentials as he progresses within the Sheriff’s Office.

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