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Master Deputy Sheriff

Thank You For Your Service

We thank the SFPD instructors, nationally recognized Sergeant Laura Collins and Lieutenant Donald Anderson, who are regarded as subject matter experts by a multitude of law enforcement institutions and peace officer policy commissions in de-escalation training.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office congratulates Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award recipient, Master Deputy Lopez. We thank the District Attorney’s Office for recognizing first responders, corrections officers and fire officials. Deputy Lopez was named Greater Atlanta Chapter Officer of the Year in August and we are proud to celebrate his achievements once again on November 30th during the District Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Appreciation Awards.

We would also like to share that the Mental Health Task Force completed a specialized training held by the San Franciso Police Department. The curriculum included the Nobility of Policing, Mental Health Signs and Symptoms, Juvenile and Complex Trauma, Stigma Reduction as instructed by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the Mental Health Association, Developmental Disabilities and the Autism Spectrum, Managing Fatigue, DPH Resources, Veteran Trauma and PTSD, Implicit Bias, Non-Criminal Barricade and CIT Field Tactics, Suicide Negotiations, Intervention Techniques, Relevant Topical Case Law, Suicide by Cop, and Scenario-Based Training.

The MHTF conducted ride-alongs, in-hospital tours and connected with the Comprehensive Crisis Service Team (CCST), an organization comprised of volunteers and licensed clinicians who respond to citizens who are actively in crisis. The MHTF visited the Golden Gate Bridge Patrol, where they learned it has the highest suicide rate for one single location in the U.S. with an average of 25 fatal jumps and 250 interventions with jump attempts per year. They gained insight into the Bridge Patrol’s techniques in their mission to combat these numbers.

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