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Master Deputy Sheriff

Thank You For Your Serice

His selflessness and quick-thinking in this situation protected the child from potential harm. His actions exemplify the values of the GCSO and highlight his devotion to ensuring the welfare of the community he serves.

We commend Deputy Bello-Lockward for his exceptional actions on August 17th. While on-duty in his vehicle, he noticed a small child without shoes in the middle of Georgia State Route 22. He immediately exited his vehicle and ran to the child’s aid after observing a truck almost colliding with the child.

Deputy Bello-Lockward promptly notified Bibb County authorities to report the incident and was assisted by the staff from a nearby Super 8 Motel to locate the child’s parents.

Deputy Bello-Lockward has been an integral member of the GCSO for five years. He is Field Training Officer (FTO) and Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certified with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

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