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Jailer Officer Senior

Thank You For Serice

Having a strong belief in personable leadership, she encourages her peers to treat others how they would want to be treated. Deputy Swift’s unwavering commitment to duty and proactive approach to those who are in-custody help to enforce our mission of reducing recidivism at the GCSO. Thank you for your service.

Jailer Officer Senior Swift has demonstrated her dedication to the GCSO over her 21-year tenure. She is Field Training Officer (FTO) certified and is currently assigned to Inmate Services. In her role, Deputy Swift has several primary responsibilities. She oversees the GCSO Law Library to conduct research of charges, assesses legal documentation, and reviews available resources for incarcerated individuals.

She facilitates their access to educational and rehabilitation programs and manages General Educational Development (GED), Alcohol Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and drug relapse programs. Additionally, Deputy Swift collaborates with local pastors to acquire weekly donated religious texts such as bibles, Qurans, and other faith books, and properly delivers them to the respective housing units.

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