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Tips to help you avoid being a victim of fraudulent phone scams


Mar 1, 2024

Scam Alert

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer prevention tips to help you avoid being a victim of fraudulent phone scams:

- Be cautious of calls from anyone demanding forms of payment via cash, applications, such as Cash-app, FedEx, or other couriers, cryptocurrency, gift cards, prepaid debit cards or wire transfers.

- Verify the caller's identity and contact the agency independently; avoid calling the number displayed on your caller ID.

- Never share personal or financial details with unsolicited contacts.

- Avoid wiring money or providing bank account or card numbers to unknown individuals.

Scammers may use online information, call at inconvenient times and claim false affiliations to law enforcement agencies. Reputable organizations, such as the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, will never request sensitive information or payments over the phone.

Remember to report any scam calls to authorities, even if you didn't disclose any information.

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